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Standard Assessment Procedure - What You Need To Know

SAP stands for 'standard assessment procedure'. SAP calculations are designed to measure the energy performance of all new dwellings, conversions and extensions. 

You need these calculations to make sure your building complies with Part F Northern Ireland. 

It is recommended that you get them as early in your project as possible, so if your building should fail, our team can advise you on how to improve.

The SAP methodology is broadly the same as in England however different thermal standards apply for Northern Ireland. 

Whilst the Dwelling Fabric Energy Efficiency (DFEE) target is not applicable here, the elemental U-Value limits are more lenient than in England.  

The main compliance metric overall remains the Dwelling Emission Rate (DER). However, the Target Emission Rate (TER) standards are less strict than in England & reflect SAP 2009. 

UKBC offers F1 SAP Calculations for new builds, extensions and conversions respectively.

Part F SAP Calculations for Northern Ireland With UKBC

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