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Sound Insulation Testing

We provide Sound Insulation testing Nationwide.

Sound Insulation Testing - What You Need To Know 

Sound insulation tests – also known as acoustic insulation testing – measure how much noise will travel through a building’s fabric. If you’re undertaking a new development, you’ll need to make sure there isn’t too much noise travelling through the walls, floors or ceilings of the building.
  • A new development contains more than one dwelling, like a block of flats.
  • If you are converting a house or commercial building into flats.
  • You are building a large property for use as a residential home, such as a hotel or nursing home.
  • Your building does not have ‘robust details’, which are materials that have been shown to provide effective acoustic insulation.
Sound Insulation Testing

Sound Insulation Test with UKBC

UKBC offers Sound Insulation Testing for residential and commercial buildings. Our service includes:

Acoustic Insulation Test with UKBC

Sound insulation tests comprise two stages. Both of these processes help to effectively determine the level of sound insulation in a property. These processes include airborne tests and impact sound transmission tests.

Airborne Sound Insulation Tests

Our technicians will use a loudspeaker and amplifier to create a number of different frequencies. Next, we will record the number of decibels in the room containing the loudspeaker, as well as in an adjoining room. We then compare these readings to measure how much noise travels through the party walls.

Impact Sound Transmission Tests

A machine with five metal hammers bangs the party floors to mimic the sound of footsteps. Our technicians will then use a sound level meter to measure how much noise this creates in a neighbouring property.

Guide Price: *from £350 

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UKBC will guide you through the entire process of your testing. In addition, our service includes consultation on how to make sure your development passes.

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