Building Surveys Services

Why UKBC For Your Surveying Services?

We are extremely experienced when it comes to handling your building surveying services here at UKBC. We offer five main building survey services which are all very well received by our customers as shown by the positive reviews at the bottom of this page. Check out the surveying services we have to offer below!

Asbestos Surveys

An asbestos survey will check if a building has any ‘Asbestos Containing Materials’, or ACM. If disturbed or damaged, asbestos is a serious health hazard. Before buying, refurbishing or demolishing a building it is important that you carry out an asbestos survey. 

Building Surveys Services
Building Surveys Services

Residential Noise Surveys

Your local authority will usually request a residential noise and vibration survey at planning stage. If you’re planning a development in a residential area, you will need to conduct a noise survey to comply with the National Planning Policy Framework and British Standards and Good Practice Documents.

Building Surveys Services

Road & Rail Noise Surveys

If you’re planning a development near a transport route, your local planning authority will be likely to request a noise and vibration survey. With UKBC’s noise surveying service, you can be confident you are fully compliant with The Building Regulations.

Commercial & Industrial Noise Surveys

If you’re planning a development, most proposed or existing units will require commercial noise surveys as part of the planning stage. Commercial noise surveys will usually be requested by your local planning authority or the environmental health officer.

Entertainment & Night Club Noise Surveys

An entertainment noise survey will simultaneously investigate all possible noise sources. Noise surveys must be conducted for all venues which play live or recorded music; including restaurants, bars, pubs and nightclubs. With UKBC’s noise surveying service, you can be confident you are fully compliant with The Building Regulations.

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