Planning Reports Services

Why UKBC For Your Planning Reports?

We are extremely experienced in making sure that the buildings owned by our customers are compliant with relevant regulations and energy efficient, whilst keeping in adherence with The London Plan. See below for more information on the planning reports services that we offer to our customers.

Energy Statements

Energy Statements outline how a building will meet the energy efficiency standards set by local planning authorities. UKBC can help you write a complete and detailed Energy Statement. You will need an Energy Statement as part of The London Plan. 

Planning Reports Services
Planning Reports Services

Sustainability Statements

 If you are planning a development in an area with strict planning regulations, you are likely to need a Sustainability Statement. SAP Calculations or SBEM Calculations are only concerned with energy. Sustainability Statements measure several features of your building’s sustainability. UKBC can help to produce complete and detailed Sustainability Statements for planning applications.

The London Plan

First introduced in 2004, The London Plan has been updated several times, most recently in January 2017. These regulations will apply until 2036. The services UKBC offer relate mainly to Chapter 5, 'London's response to climate change'. UKBC can help you make sure your project follows The London Plan's three point "be clean, be lean, be green" strategy.

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