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Display Energy Certificates 

UKBC are registered to produce Display Energy Certificates with Stroma

Display Energy Certificates - What You Need To Know 

If you run a public building, you must clearly display a Display Energy Certificate or a DEC.

The purpose of this certificate is to let staff and visitors know that the building they are using is energy efficient. These rules apply to police stations, hospitals, schools and any other public building over 250m2.

It’s important to note it has been a legal requirement to display DECs in all public buildings since 2008.  Furthermore, these notices are designed to promote environmentally friendly practices amongst the public and public sector workers. These signs show the public that the local authorities are monitoring and promoting energy efficiency. You must also renew your building’s DEC on a yearly basis.

Display Energy Certificates with UKBC

Our fully accredited team can provide a complete DEC certification service.

We have provided DECs for a number of important public institutions, including Goldsmiths University and several NHS trusts. It is this extensive experience in building testing and sustainability that makes UKBC the first choice for the public sector.

To complete a DEC assessment, you will need to provide us with a complete set of floor plans, elevations and section drawings. Once we have conducted a site visit and full assessment of the building’s plans, we’ll issue a DEC. This certificate will rate the building’s energy efficiency from A–G, with A being the most energy efficient and G the least. UKBC can provide all the help and advice you need to make sure you get an outstanding score. Therefore, you’ll be able to prove to your visitors and staff that you care for the environment.

Guide Price: *from £250 

 * Please note that this is a guide price only - prices may vary depending on project size. Please contact us below for an accurate quote.

Display Energy Certificates

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UKBC offers a range of services to make sure your public building is as sustainable as possible.  Display Energy Certificates are one of these services.

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