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Water Efficiency Calculations 

Water Efficiency Calculations - What You Need To Know 

Water efficiency calculations predict water consumption in line with Part G of The Building Regulations. You need these calculations for all new builds, as well as some conversions. The water efficiency of a property is becoming increasingly important to make homes more sustainable. Furthermore, as the population grows, it is more important that water is conserved.

Water efficiency is measured in litres per person. To comply with Part G of The Building Regulations, a property must show that its water targets will not exceed 125 litres per person per day. Some local authorities will set lower targets, especially in London and the South. For more information about these regulations, visit our section on The London Plan.

Water Efficiency Calculations with UKBC

To provide water efficiency calculations, you or your architect need to give us a complete set of floor plans showing the number of ‘wet rooms’ such as the kitchen, utilities and bathrooms. In addition, the plans will also need to show the number of facilities which will use water, such as showers, toilets, sinks, washing machines or dishwashers.

Using this information UKBC will calculate the projected water consumption levels of your home. Generally, you’ll carry out water efficiency calculations at design stage, as part of your SAP Calculations. However, your local authority may need these measurements at any point in your project.

UKBC can arrange water efficiency calculations within 5–10 working days from when you call our team. Once we’ve assessed the information you give us, we’ll analyse the data and present our findings in a formal report.

Guide Price: *from £10

  * Please note that this is a guide price only - prices may vary depending on project size. Please contact us below for an accurate quote.

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