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Regulation 25A

UKBC are registered and accredited to undertake both Residential and Commercial Air Tightness Testing with ATTMA.

Regulation 25A - What You Need To Know 

Regulation 25A is a new law that means developers have to gauge the practicality of building the most environmentally friendly properties possible. This includes the use of sustainable materials, renewable technology and energy efficient services. This is because as technology improves, there is increasingly less argument for building properties with large carbon footprints.

This new legislation is part of The Building Regulations Part L 2010. Since the introduction of these new laws, developers need to submit a formal report detailing the environmental, technical and economic impact of using sustainable materials and technologies.

Regulation 25A Reports With UKBC

UKBC offers a full service to make sure your building complies with The Building Regulations Part L 2010. Furthermore, we can offer comprehensive consultation to help you make sure your building is as sustainable as possible. These include a number of detailed planning reports, such as The Code for Sustainable Homes and the Home Quality Mark.

Once the report is complete, you must submit a notice to the Building Control Body (BCB) to confirm that it has been carried out thoroughly and carefully. However, there is no obligation to install these services if you meet the Target Emission Rate (TER) by other means.

The report has to show if they can include any of the following systems in the project, whilst still being cost effective and practical. These include:

  • Cogeneration (combined heat and power).
  • District heating or cooling.
  • Heat pumps.
  • Decentralised energy supply systems based on energy from renewable sources.
Regulation 25A
Regulation 25A came into effect on 9th July 2013. It is important to note that this regulation applies to all work submitted to planning authorities after that date. However, some projects are exempt to these new rules. For example, if work commenced before 9th July 2013, then your project won’t need a report.

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