Building Testing Services

Why UKBC For Your Building Testing Services?

We are accredited by three different institutions to carry out four types of building testing services. Being accredited by ATTMASITMA and BPEC to carry out building testing services ensures the quality of our work is top quality. Additionally, our UKAS Calibrated equipment ensures our testing is of the highest accuracy.

Air Pressure Testing 

UKBC offers ATTMA accredited Air Permeability Tests for residential and commercial buildings.  You are required by law to make sure your development is sufficiently airtight. Air pressure testing is required by Part L1A and L2A (England & Wales), Section 6 (Scotland) or Part F1 (Northern Ireland) of The Building Regulations.

Building Testing Services
Building Testing Services

Sound Insulation Testing

If you’re undertaking a new development, you’ll need to make sure there isn’t too much noise travelling through the walls, floors or ceilings of the building. This is to make sure the building complies with Part E of The Building Regulations, to maintain a good quality of life for those living within and around the property. UKBC are SITMA certified for sound insulation testing.

Building Testing Services

Ventilation Testing

If you’re planning a development of new build homes, you’ll need to make sure your ventilation plan is of a high standard. By carrying out ventilation testing, you can be sure your building complies with building regulations. UKBC are BPEC certified to carry out ventilation testing.

Room Integrity Testing

Room Integrity Testing will make sure your fire safety systems are fully operational. UKBC are registered and accredited to undertake both Residential and Commercial Room Integrity Testing with ATTMA. These tests will ensure the fire retardant gases produced by your fire suppression system aren’t escaping via uncontrolled means.

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