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The London Plan - What You Need To Know

The London Plan is the government’s sustainability plan for Greater London. It is a detailed document which covers all aspects of planning, building and the environmental impact of developments.

First introduced in 2004, The London Plan has been updated several times, most recently in January 2017. These regulations will apply until 2036. Each Greater London borough has a degree of flexibility in terms of how they interpret the plan. However, many boroughs will go over and above the standard requirements.

Most boroughs will have their own sustainable development document, which will outline the specifics of how they intend to meet The London Plan. Furthermore, these requirements set by individual boroughs can include any number of calculations. For instance, they may request Energy Statements, Waste Management Statements and Water Consumption Statements.

Following The London Plan With UKBC

The services UKBC offer relate mainly to Chapter 5, 'London's response to climate change'. UKBC can help you make sure your project follows The London Plan's three point "be clean, be lean, be green" strategy. The strategy aims to cut the projected carbon emissions of a building by 35%. Our service includes: 
  • Undertaking SAP calculations or SBEM calculations.
  • Recommendations as to how you can make your building “leaner” by using sustainable building materials.
  • Advice as to how you can make your building “cleaner” by using highly efficient energy systems.
  • Finally, we can give guidance about how to make your building carbon neutral, as part of The London Plan’s strategy to make buildings “greener”.
The London Plan
It’s important to note your local authority will usually require you to fulfil planning conditions covered by The London Plan before building work starts.

Guide Price: £495

  * Please note that this is a guide price only - prices may vary depending on project size. Please contact us below for an accurate quote.

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UKBC will guide you through the entire process of following The London Plan. We can guide you to make your developments more 'green'. 

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