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Section 6 of the Scottish Building Standards

Section 6 of the Scottish Building Standards Technical Handbooks is set to be updated from April 2024.

This comes after the updated Approved Document Part L for England came into force in June 2022.


Any project where a building warrant is applied for from 1st April 2024 will be applicable to the new regulations.

The previous standards will still be applicable to projects registered before this, for as long as the initial building warrant is valid for.

Key Points – SAP

The change is being named as ‘The New Build Heat Standard‘ and will affect the type of heating system that new build homes will be allowed to use.

The use of direct emission (or polluting) heating systems such as gas/oil boilers and biofuels will be banned.

Alternative systems such as heat pumps and heat networks will be required instead.

 The change will also affect some change of use conversion homes whereby:

i) There is a direct emissions heating system in the area of the building that is converted, and

ii) It is ‘reasonably practicable’ to install a clean heating system

The New Build Heat Standard (NBHS) will not apply to emergency heating systems, or systems which are solely for the purpose of frost protection.

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