How To Pass A Ventilation Test

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How To Pass A Ventilation Test

Passing A Ventilation Test First Time

Ventilation Tests are performed to ensure that extractor fans throughout a building have appropriate flow rates according to Part F of the Building Regulations.

Ventilation is an important component in buildings, it ensures air quality is of a good standard; removing moisture, odours, gases, dust and other air pollutants from the air.

How To Pass A Ventilation Test

We want our clients to pass their ventilation systems off first time, so to do so we have created a simple checklist to help with this:

  • When choosing a fan - check the manufacturers specification to ensure it meets the minimum rate required.
  • Make sure the run of ducting is as short as possible.
  • If using flexible ducting - ensure there are no tears in it, it isn’t squashed and there are as few bends throughout the run as possible.
  • A better option for ducting would be rigid or semi-rigid ducting. These prevent tears and maintain their cross-sectional areas to ensure the best flow rate (continue to create as few turns throughout your run as possible).
  • When connecting ducting - ensure this is done properly (no loose connections, no gaps and tape the connections).
  • For kitchen hob extraction - have them externally vented as opposed to carbon filtered.

Following these steps correctly will see you through to successful completion of the Part F Ventilation Test.

We're accredited by BPEC to carry out Ventilation tests for our customers and use UKAS Calibrated equipment.