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How To Achieve Compliance UKBC

How To Achieve Compliance In 3 Steps

  • Ensure floor plan is sealed with silicone or caulk around skirting boards.
  • OR apply expanding foam around perimeter of dwelling before fitting skirting boards (internal & external walls).
  • Ensure ALL penetrations (including plumping, electrics & floorboards) are suitably sealed.
  • Apply solid picture-frame dab around all socket outlets.

Step 2- Sound Insulation Testing Compliance Tips

  • Ensure floor plan is sealed for best chance of a pass.
  • Use suitable acoustic reducing approved products (acoustic insulation/underlays)
  • Avoid as many penetrations to partition walls/ floors as possible (including spotlights/sockets etc).

Step 3- Ventilation Testing Compliance Tips

  • Where possible, avoid flexi-ducting and try to instead use rigid ducting. If unavoidable, then do not use excess flexi-ducting.
  • Avoid using roof-tile outlets where possible and instead aim to vent out through external walls.
  • Ensure that extract fans meet requirements of approved document F.

We hope you make use of these three key steps on how to achieve compliance for your building. 


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