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Room Integrity Testing 

UKBC are registered and accredited to undertake both Residential and Commercial Testing with ATTMA.

Room Integrity Testing - What You Need To Know

Room Integrity Testing will make sure your fire safety systems are fully operational. Regular room integrity tests will check how well a room can retain the needed concentration of fire-retardent gases in order for the system to work properly.

If you manage a large commercial or public building, it’s likely that you may use a gas fire suppression system. Although gaseous fire suppression systems are useful elements of a fire safety strategy, you need to properly maintain them. Therefore, if your building has a gas fire suppression system you need to carry out regular assessments.

These Tests make sure your fire safety systems follow ISO 14520 and NFPA 2001 standards.

Test Your Gas Fire Suppression Systems With UKBC

In order to identify the key leakage paths, our technicians will use methods including smoke testing, depressurisation and thermography.

These tests will ensure the fire retardant gases produced by your fire suppression system aren’t escaping via uncontrolled means. Our UK-wide services include:

  • Tests for rooms of any size or purpose. 
  • Initial inspections when you fit the system. 
  • We'll carry out yearly inspections thereafter as a bonus. 
Room Integrity Testing
You should always consult a fire safety specialist to make sure that your fire safety plan is adequate. Meanwhile, UKBC can help you make sure the fabric of your building will ensure these safety systems work properly.

Guide Price: *from £150

 * Please note that this is a guide price only - prices may vary depending on project size. Please contact us below for an accurate quote.

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UKBC will guide you through the entire process of your testing. In addition, our service includes consultation on how to make sure your project passes.

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