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Overheating Analysis

UKBC are registered SAP assessors with Stroma

Overheating Analysis - What You Need To Know 

Overheating analysis assesses the likelihood of a building becoming too warm in the summer months. Making sure that your building does not overheat during hot days reduces the need for costly air conditioning units. This will make your home more sustainable and reduce your energy bills. We routinely carry out these tests as part of SBEM or SAP Calculations.

However, you might need an overheating analysis as part of an Energy Statement or Sustainability Statement. These tests are required by Part L of The Building Regulations, which are laws to make sure energy efficient homes are built.

Overheating Analysis with UKBC

All UKBC’s engineers have STROMA accreditation.

Our service includes:

  • Assessing the area, elevations and building materials.
  • Evaluating the air tightness of the property.
  • Calculating solar gains.
  • Our technicians will also take into account the location of the building. For instance, properties in London are at particular risk of overheating, especially high rise flats.
  • At UKBC we also offer a comprehensive consultation service. Whereas other companies will test and leave, UKBC offers help and advice from start to finish.
Overheating Analysis
Your analysis should take place at design stage, preferably as part of your SAP Calculations or SBEM calculations. This will make sure your building complies with the regulations from the beginning. Furthermore, this will reduce the risk of having to make costly changes later on. In order to carry out the test, you or your architect should supply us with a complete set of plans. UKBC can arrange testing within 5–10 working days from when you make a request. Once we’ve assessed all the information, we’ll present our analysis in a PDF report.

Guide Prices:

Domestic *from £150

Commercial *from £300

  * Please note that this is a guide price only - prices may vary depending on project size. Please contact us below for an accurate quote.

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UKBC offer a complete range of building certification services, including tests and surveys for sustainability.

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