Veritherm Testing – Salisbury


  • UK Building Compliance completed Veritherm Testing at a property in Salisbury
  • The client wanted this testing in order to see how their building's thermal performance measured up with a view to making improvements in problem areas
  • It is becoming increasingly important to be more environmentally friendly and as energy efficient as possible and with a rise in energy wastage in recent years, energy performance is a key factor in making homes more sustainable
Veritherm Testing - Salisbury


  • Loggers are placed in every room in the house, the whole building is then heated up using heaters and fans which are spread throughout the house
  • The test runs overnight so that there is no interference to the results by heat from the sun
  • The total fabric heat loss is calculated (in conjunction with the SAP Calculations) when the heaters are turned off to see how well the building holds in the thermal energy


  • Compliant
  • A reasonable 6% performance gap was scored

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