EPC – Crick Wharf, Northamptonshire


  • UK Building Compliance were instructed to conduct an EPC on a historic site at Crick Wharf in Northamptonshire following a renovation to the building
  • The original buildings were constructed between 1812 and 1816 and initially operated by the Grand Union Canal Company
  • The area is steeped in history for supplying coal and lime-stone to the surrounding villages in the 1800's and has an interesting past for the use and disuse of the buildings due to transportation trends throughout the times
EPC - Crick Wharf, Northamptonshire


  • Our technician arrived on site and completed the assessments required, taking into consideration any changes to the buildings fabric, heating, cooling or ventilation systems 


  • Compliant
  • The property passed and our technician recommended cost effective improvements that could be made to increase the EPC rating and energy efficiency of the building

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