Commercial Energy & Sustainability Statement – Evesham


  • UK Building Compliance were appointed to undertake an Energy & Sustainability Statement
  • Located in Harvington, Evesham; this was for a proposed commercial building that would be used as a Greenhouse
  • The Statements were needed in order to comply with the local policy: 10% of the predicted energy needs of the building should be provided by renewable energy sources 
Commercial Energy & Sustainability Statement - Evesham


  • Despite the excessive glazing naturally found in greenhouses, which can cause massive overheating, UKBC liaised with the client and architect and used their wide experience to find appropriate solutions to satisfy building control and the local authority
  • Our assessors recommended the following strategies to improve the sustainability:
  • Significant thermal performance and diffusion of window glazing (this being a key design of the greenhouse)
  • Installation of PV Panels on the roof to provide the 10% renewable energy requirement


  • Compliant 
  • Planning Approval Granted
  • The overheating was partly overcome with the efficient design of the glazing as well as using it as part of the heating source which also minimised the demand for heating in return
  • The development went above and beyond the minimum requirements in order to demonstrate a 10% renewable energy requirement resulting in a successful application

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