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U Value Calculations

U Value calculations are, quite simply, the amount of heat that is lost through any material, therefore helping to prove how effective a building is at keeping the heat in and, as a result, lessening the need for excessive energy consumption. They form an integral part of the SAP assessment and every building element must have a U Value assigned to it.

What Needs to Be Provided to Complete a U Value Calculation?

  • A complete set of section drawings
  • An architect’s specification

At UK Building Compliance, we are able to also conduct U Value calculations separately from the SAP assessment, if you need this service. Our staff are highly trained in their work and will complete the job to an exceedingly high standard – a standard other companies can only dream about.

The service that we offer is great value and we will also ensure that the work is completed quickly, therefore meaning that your project needn’t be held up. Please contact us today for more information. You can call us on 01455 634 855. Or alternatively fill in our online enquiry form.