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Project: Sound Insulation Testing Barlow Street, Surrey

Sound Insulation Testing Barlow Street, Surrey – Completed: 15/10/2018

Technicians: Cameron Milne


The Brief

We were instructed to complete a Sound Insulation Test on these converted apartments in Surrey. This building was previously a pub called ‘The Victory’ which had been a popular venue for drinking throughout the 1900’s before officially closing down in 2011 and furthermore being converted into apartments this year.

To pass an Airborne test, you must score 43db (45 on new build properties) or higher. Airborne tests measure the difference in sound levels between the receiver room and neighbouring walls or floors. So if the sound output in the receiver room is 100db and the sound leakage being passed through into the neighbouring room is 40db, then the result would be 60 and therefore a pass.

To pass an Impact test, you must score 64db (62 on new build properties) or lower. Impact tests measure how effectively the Sound Insulation between floors cancels out sound. If there is more than 64 decibels of sound leaking through into below floors then the test would be a fail.

The Process

After reviewing drawings, on site testing was ready to be completed. All suitable equipment was set up and checked over to ensure the best possible result.


Flat 2 Kitchen - #32 Kitchen


Flat 2 Kitchen - #32 Kitchen



The Outcome

The test passed, therefore certificates will be produced and issued.

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