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SBEM Calculations Case Study 

SBEM Calculations Mandrake Hotel –  UK Building Compliance carry out SBEM Calculations & Energy Statements for clients all over the UK.  These calculations are required by building control to demonstrate compliance with Part L2 of the Building Regulations.  Our technicians can offer guidance and advice for any commercial development.  We will work with you to ensure the required/desired results are achieved.

Mandrake Hotel, London

One of our most recent projects was the Mandrake Hotel on Newman Street, London.  We were asked to carry out an SBEM assessment on this luxurious boutique 4-storey hotel. Once completed, our technicians provided the customer with an EPC and BRUKL Predicted Report.

UKBC worked alongside BECK Interiors on this independently owned hotel, designed with cutting edge interiors. 

A 3D model of the building was created using a specialist software package (Iven) to produce the required reports.

This lavish hotel required intricate 3D modelling.  To achieve the required results we incorporated a high performing building fabric and effective heating system.

The Results

Mo, one of our Senior Technicians, and Ben, completed the SBEM Calculations using the specifications provided by the customer and the 3D drawing. The EPC rating for this hotel is a B (82).

The Mandrake Hotel opened its doors in September 2017 and is stunning.  In the centre of the hotel is an evergreen, calming garden and around the hotel you’ll find the walls full of modern and unique pieces of art work, to ensure customers have an enriched and enjoyable stay.

SBEM Calculations Mandrake Hotel
SBEM Calculations Mandrake Hotel
SBEM Calculations Mandrake Hotel

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