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We have officially purchased L1 Testing Ltd as part of our mission for continual company expansion & growth.

This exciting announcement comes after months of negotiations and is what we consider to be a huge step forwards for UK Building Compliance.

L1 Testing Ltd was founded in 2007 and had previously focused solely on Air Testing alone. After the takeover, like UKBC, L1 Testing will also offer a full compliance package, making it easier than ever for clients to get exactly what they need to pass a project all in one place. Saving time, money and hassle!

We want to help as many clients to pass their building regulations as possible and by making this move towards expansion, it gives us the opportunity for our expertise to be utilised by more than ever before.

We look forwards to sharing more exciting announcements like this in the future. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to find out more about L1 Testing Ltd or request a quote by clicking the buttons below.