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energy statements

Energy Statements outline how a building will meet the energy efficiency standards set by local planning authorities. Covering everything from building materials, to heating systems, to air tightness, an Energy Statement describes all aspects of the energy efficiency plan for your building. For example, within local authorities covered by The London Plan, an Energy Statement shows that the planned development meets the required 35% cut in carbon emissions. You can achieve this by using sustainable building fabrics or installing a highly efficient boiler, to name but a couple of options. Usually, you will need an Energy Statement as part of The London Plan. 

The London Plan was introduced in 2004 and was most recently updated in 2017. Furthermore, each London borough has their own interpretation of The London Plan, with many going over and above the standard requirements. However, any local authority in the UK may request an Energy or Sustainability Statement. Your local authority may also ask you to produce an Energy Statement if you are planning a development on greenbelt land, or in any area with strict planning regulations. UKBC can liaise with your local planning authorities as to their exact requirements.

Energy Statements with UKBC

UKBC can help you write a complete and detailed Energy Statement. Our service includes:

  • Carrying out design stage SAP calculations or SBEM calculations
  • Writing up an outline of the sustainable materials and renewable energy options available
  • Finally, we’ll estimate how much these materials and systems will cut carbon emissions
  • Furthermore, UKBC offers expert advice across all aspects of The Building Regulations, The London Plan and sustainability codes

As a result, UKBC’s experience and expertise means you will have the most in-depth knowledge available. Therefore, with UKBC’s help, you can be confident your planning application will be a success.


UKBC will guide you through the entire process of getting L1B SAP calculations for extensions, including consultation on how to make sure your extension passes. For more information please visit our page: ‘What Is An Energy Statement?’ or to arrange testing, contact us today on 01455 634855 or request a QUICK QUOTE.