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Air Tightness Test Chelsea

Project: Air Tightness Test Chelsea – Elm Park

Technicians: Cameron Milne & Bradley Hunt

The Brief

An Air Tightness Test for a detached New Build located in London was undertaken by our two technicians. The focus was for the property to pass the test so it could move on to the next stage of it’s process.

The Process

An On Site Air Tightness Test was conducted after potential leakage paths had been thoroughly checked over. There were many faults within the New Build which made it likely it would fail. Faults consisted of: penetrations to the walls, floors and ceilings. Evidently, this allows air to travel through, not making the building Air Tight.

However, the only solution to guarantee this property a pass is to Re-Test once it is nearer completion. It will require all listed passage ways that allows air to travel through to be sealed with mastic/silcone/expanding.

The Result




The Outcome

The property needed to be sealed and was near completion.  When our technicians returned on 12/6/2017 and the property complied with Building Regulations and passed with a score of 4.85.