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Air Pressure Testing Buckingham

Project: Air Pressure Testing Swindon – Passive House

Air Pressure Testing Swindon Passive House

Completed: 3/6/2018

Technician: Cameron Milne

The Brief

We were instructed to complete a Domestic Air Pressure test on this new-build PASSIVE HOUSE situated in Swindon.

Using a timber frame membrane, Passive Houses are built to be able to sustain their own heat and are essentially an eco-house. the house technically has no natural ventilation, however MVHR units are installed to control how much air is ventilated in / out of the house to ensure that no heat is wasted and that all air coming in is filtered.

Passive Houses naturally have a low target due to the nature of their design, therefore the required target for the test was 1.

Compared to a normal depressurised test, which measures Air permeability at Q5; a passive house test measures the air change per cubic metre per hour. In simple terms- it measures how many cubic metres of air circulates through the dwelling in an hour.

To carry out this test- both a positive & negative test needed completing and from this, the result is calculated from the average of the two scores. The test was carried out at a pre-completion stage which is not normally possible with a regular air test.

The Process

After reviewing drawings, on site testing was ready to be completed. All suitable equipment was set up and checked over to ensure the best possible result.

The Result





The Outcome

This building passed the Air Pressure Test and as a result, certificates have been issued.

For more information on what is required to pass an Air tightness test click HERE