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Air Conditioning Reports 

UKBC are accredited by the Department Of Personnel (DFP) for engineers to carry out Air Conditioning Reports

Air Conditioning Reports - What You Need To Know 

Air Conditioning Reports are required for units that have an output of 12kW or more. The report needs to be carried out every five years because AC units are renowned for using lots energy.

These reports were introduced by the EU in January 2008. However, it’s important to note that upon leaving the EU, the UK government intends to keep these laws.

All air conditioning systems installed before January 2008 should already have had an inspection. This was a legal requirement.  If you haven’t had a report carried out you must arrange one as soon as possible, or risk a £300 fine. Furthermore, AC units installed after January 2008 must be checked at least every five years.  It is the responsibility of the controller of the air conditioning unit to make sure it is legal. By ‘controller’ we mean the person who manages the technical functioning of the system, not someone who changes the temperature. Usually, this is the owner, although it may be a servicing company that maintains the unit.

Air Conditioning Reports with UKBC

If your AC units need inspection, our team can provide a full Air Conditioning Report service. This includes:
  • Department of Finance and Personnel (DFP) accredited engineers.
  • Examination of the refrigeration and air movement equipment and their controls.
  • Assessing the service history of the system.
  • Providing basic information about the efficiency of your system.
  • Additionally, we can give advice on how you can improve the energy efficiency or effectiveness of your units.
Air Conditioning Reports
To carry out the report, our team will need access to all your AC units. In addition, we’ll also need to reach any equipment in plant rooms, outside or on rooftops and any ducts or parts hidden in suspended ceilings. In all cases, the building owner or manager should agree safe access with our team following a health and safety risk assessment.

It is very important to make sure your AC system meets regulations. Furthermore, taking immediate action on advice offered by UKBC will also improve the effectiveness of your unit and reduce running costs.

If there is an AC unit in a rented property, in most cases, the landlord and tenant have equal responsibility for making sure the unit meets regulations. You can find out if your AC units qualify for a report by checking the instructions. Alternatively, visit the manufacturer’s website or check the rating plate attached to the unit. 

Guide Price: *from £175 

 * Please note that this is a guide price only - prices may vary depending on project size. Please contact us below for an accurate quote.

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UKBC will guide you through the entire process of your air conditioning reports. 

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