Water Efficiency Calculations

Water Efficiency Calculations – Part G of the Building Regulations states that all new properties must comply with specific water performance targets. This means that all new developments must prove that they have attempted to assist with the sustainability of water, by ensuring that no more than 125 litres of water will be used per person, per day. After all, water is a resource that is going to come under increased demand as the population of the UK expands, so it must be used sparingly.

Water Efficiency Calculations are not only needed for new homes, but also for some converted homes as well. If you are unsure about whether your property needs this assessment, please contact us today for honest and professional advice.

At UK Building Compliance, we can carry out all of the necessary work to prove that a building meets the standards set out in Part G, and should a property fail the assessment, we can provide solutions to ensure it passes next time.

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