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Room Integrity Testing

Room Integrity Testing should be carried out on all rooms protected by gaseous fire suppression systems. The test will ascertain whether the room will contain the gas, much in the same way an air tightness test works. If you do not get a room integrity test completed, you run the risk of having an unsafe system in place.

We are able to provide Room Integrity Testing services in the UK in accordance with the methods outlined in ISO 14520 and NFPA 2001. What’s more, we are able to test rooms of any size, as well as rooms used for any purpose. We will provide the initial inspection upon the installation of the system, as well as carry out yearly inspections thereafter.

When we carry out this test, we will provide results on the day, in order to ensure that peace of mind is received, as well as a written report a few days later. If the room does not pass the test, we will happily recommend remedial action in order to make the room safe once again, after we have carried out some tests to ascertain where the gas could potentially leak from.

Please contact us here at UK Building Compliance for more information. You can call us on 01455 634 855. Or alternatively fill in our online enquiry form.