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L108:Control of Noise at Work

We can complete full Noise at Work assessments according to the latest noise at work regulations. The L108:Control of Noise at Work Regulations make it necessary for employers to eliminate/control exposure to noise in the workplace to a reasonably low level. Over-exposure to high levels of noise can lead to serious health implications for employees and a potential legal problems for the employer.

Our specialists will advise on noise management plans and mitigation measure if measured noise levels are deemed excessive.

A Noise Survey will consist of:

  • Introduction – Introducing a trained member of our team to your plant and operations.
  • Manual noise measurements using a handheld sound level meter.
  • Noise dosemeters mounted on personnel who carry out noise intensive tasks.
  • Manual Octave Band analysis for noisy areas.

We provide FREE consultations, allowing a thorough discussion to gain all of the information we need for the L108:Control of Noise at Work assessment. We will ask the size of your work force and the nature of the work that is undertaken day to day. Once we have these details, we will provide you with a quotation for a survey that fits your needs perfectly.

The next stage of this assessment will occur on site. Our highly trained team will visit your premises in order to collect the required measurements of noise.

If you’d like more information or would like to discuss your requirements call 01455 634855 or contact us here.