With new builds (Conversions & Extensions)  now having to comply to certain building regulations with regards to how energy efficient a building is, the government has introduced the SAP assessment scheme, which determine whether a building complies with the regulations.

The building regulations spoken of above are:

  • Part L (England and Wales)
  • Section 6 (Scotland)
  • Part F (Northern Ireland)

At UK Building Compliance, we are able to professionally complete any SAP calculations for you, with highly trained members of staff ready to complete the task thoroughly and professionally.

SAP calculations will be required for:

  • New builds
  • Any existing property being converted into a dwelling (i.e. former office buildings being converted to apartments)
  • Extensions to dwellings where the glazing is more than 25% of the floor area being added

As with many mandatory government schemes, there are often a lot of questions that people need answered when it comes to SAP calculations. Below we have endeavoured to answer the most common of these, but please also feel free to ring us in order to speak with a professional about the matter in hand.

Who is Able to Complete a SAP Calculation?

In theory, it is possible to complete a SAP calculation yourself, but this is definitely not advisable. The staff at UK Building Compliance have years of experience in the field and the process is a complex one, so we would advise hiring us to ensure that the job is done correctly and within the framework laid down by the government. After all, an incorrect SAP calculation could cost you more money in the future.

It is also the case that SAP calculations take a lot of work, and this is probably time you could be better spending elsewhere on your project. We have specialist software that allows for the SAP calculations to be completed in a timely manner – without this software, the task would take tens of hours to complete.

How is a SAP Calculation Worked Out?

The calculations used to provide an accurate SAP calculation are complex, but in a nutshell we will assess how much money the cost of providing heating, ventilation and lighting to the house will be, and then subtract any energy saving solutions from this total.

In addition to this, the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) that will be released from the dwelling in order to maintain a comfortable and acceptable place to live will also be calculated. The dwelling is then allocated a score from A+ to G, with A+ being the best and G being the least energy efficient.

If you do not achieve compliance with the designs/specifications provided, we are able to advise a number of different ways in which you can raise the score, usually through very cost effective means. We can then repeat the SAP calculation to prove compliance with building regulations.

Why is a SAP Calculation Necessary?

There are two reasons why you need to get a SAP calculation completed, one legal and the other moral. From a legal point of view, the SAP calculations must be completed in order to satisfy the requirements of building regulations, which aim to ensure that all dwellings are as environmentally friendly as possible. In fact, the government has a target of ensuring that all new homes built after 2016 should be net zero carbon. SAP calculations are also needed in order to satisfy a number of planning conditions, as well as to conform to the Code for Sustainable Homes.

In addition to the legal requirements, there is somewhat of a moral requirement to also ensure that any new or modified dwelling is environmentally friendly. It is also important that developer makes sure the SAP calculation is good otherwise the buyer will find themselves with massive energy bills to pay. For these reasons, even without the legal obligation, a SAP calculation is vital.

When Should a SAP Calculation Be Completed?

It is a legal requirement that a Design Stage SAP calculation is completed before any construction begins. Many people leave the SAP calculation until the last minute though, which is a bad idea. This is because the SAP calculation needs to be completed and then, if necessary, changes to the plans need to made in order to ensure that the proposed dwelling receives a satisfactory SAP calculation.

When people leave the SAP calculation to the last minute it means that they have no time to implement any of the recommendations that we provide. Therefore, we recommend getting a SAP calculation completed well before the commencement of any project, in order to provide some breathing room.

The second stage of the SAP assessment is then completed after the dwelling has been constructed, and is known as the As Built DER. This is required, along with the On Construction Energy Performance Certificate (OCEPC), to ensure that the building is signed off.

Does Every New Dwelling Need a SAP Calculation?

It is the case that a SAP assessment must be completed on all new build properties, in order to gauge the energy efficiency of each one. In situations whereby the building is part of a large development of the same house type, a SAP calculation can be taken from a sample, and then applied to each of the buildings. This will mean that every plot has a SAP calculation attached to it, but that not every plot is actually assessed.

When working on a development of a number of the same house types, we will more than happily adjust our pricing to reflect the reduced workload. We can also carry out other tasks concurrently if needed, to ensure that the properties meet guidelines laid down in other schemes.

What Needs to Be Provided to Complete a SAP Calculation?

We are able to complete a SAP calculation without the need to visit your site, however we must receive some documentation from you. We need to receive:

  • A complete set of architectural drawings (floor plans, sections, elevations and site plan).
  • An architect’s specification, or if you do not have one a completed data collection sheet.

Documents can be sent directly through our website or via email, post or dropped into our office.

SAP Assessments and EPCs – What’s the Difference?

Basically speaking, SAP is solely an assessment, whereas an EPC is a certificate. The two certainly have much to do with each other, as the EPC is produced based on the results of the SAP assessment in order to show the energy use and CO2 emissions from a building. Although there are certain similarities between SAP assessments and EPCs, it is important to remember that they are both completely separate entities. At UK Building Compliance, we are able to produce EPCs as well, so please visit the EPC page or contact us today for more details.

Other Services to Consider

At UK Building Compliance, we also offer a number of other services to clients looking for SAP assessments – services that will complement the work already being done. We would recommend that you consider the following services to ensure that the dwelling complies with the various regulations laid down by the authorities:

  • U Value Calculations – Used to measure how much heat is lost through a particular material. These are required when completing a SAP assessment, so we can calculate them at the same time if needed.
  • Code for Sustainable Homes Assessment – Assesses a number of different categories, such as pollution and waste, to ascertain how sustainable the home is.
  • Air Pressure Testing – This will show the amount of air lost through different gaps and cracks within a dwelling, therefore allowing for an airtight dwelling to be constructed.
  • Ventilation Testing – To ensure that the ventilation of a dwelling is configured correctly.
  • Water Efficiency Calculations – These make sure that the property complies with water performance targets.
  • Sound Insulation Testing – This will ensure that the dwelling complies with Part E of the Building Regulations.

Why Choose Us?

When you hire UK Building Compliance to carry out your SAP assessment, you will receive a number of benefits, such as:

  • Hiring a company with reams of experience in the industry, therefore meaning that you get a seamless and professional SAP calculation with no hassle or hitches.
  • Advice on how to make sure the dwelling complies with building regulations in the most cost effective way for you.
  • A SAP calculation without the need for us to visit your site – all of the work is done from our office, meaning less disruption to your schedule.

Please contact us today for more information. You can call us on 01455 634 855. Or alternatively, fill in our online enquiry form here.

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  • UK Building compliance provide a service second to none. We recomend them to all our clients.

    R Patel
  • We have found UK Building Compliance to be friendly, professional and reliable.

    H Mulholland
  • Thanks for the speedy efficient service. You provided exactly what was required, were very approachable and were happy to add further explanation and clarification for those who are non-technically minded! I would definitely recommend you.

    H Hamilton
  • I found the service to be excellent, fast, knowledgable and reasonably priced. The report and advice I received from Luke will help me to resolve the building fualts I have encountered. We would certainly recommend you and work with you again. Thank You.

    J Player
    Seymour House Ltd
  • UKBC were able to answer the question my building regs council compliance officer asked promptly and effectively. We worked exclusively online that worked for my timescale and budget.

    S Bates
  • The service provided by UKBC was fantastic. I would recommend the company to anybody looking for a CODE package. I will use them again.

    D Monji
  • UK Building Compliance have recently completed a CODE package and an Air Tightness Test for me. I found the staff very professional and reliable. I would highly recommend UKBC to others.

    J Barnes
    Self - Builder
  • I received a very good service from Luke Wilson. The results/tests were submitted efficiently and I will be using UK Building Compliance again. I have forwarded the companies information  around EHW Architects for others consideration. 

    R Bailey
    EHW Architects
  • I would like to thank everyone at UK Building Compliance for your services and keeping all our client's happy.  Appreciated.

    Ben Dunn
    Sustainable Development Consultancy
  • Many thanks for your prompt and efficent service.

    E Weston
  • Good, efficient service which swiftly diagnosed the problem.

    Peter Goodwin
    Chambers Goodwin and Partners
  • Luke was very accomodating and worked tirelessly to complete the required SAP calculations and EPC, providing information and assistance beyond the original scope.

    Helena Johnson
    Ultima Builders LTD
  • Good service, very little disruption on site when work was undertaken.

    Ian Forster
    Gus Robinson Development Ltd
  • I was really pleased with the service that UK Building Compliance provided at all levels.

    Initially I contacted you with a request for a Sound Insulation Test and stressed the urgency!

    You accommodated me greatly, within 2 days!

    The assessor was prompt, polite, courteous and considerate towards the person living at the dwelling in question.

    I asked that you would process the results of the test at a speed as a house sale was pending. 

    Yoy obliged the very next day

    Very good service and a speedy response.

    Thank you again.

    Rich Wibb
    Wibb Builders
  • Many thanks to Kieran, I was deeply impressed with his professionalism and his polite manner, he is a credit to your company.

    P Garry
  • All of your work is greatly appreciated. You have been very supportive and proactive. Thanks again. 

    S Bayne
  • Great response to our inquiry, backed up quickly with a competitive quotation. Punctually carried out work and produced certification straight away. Will definitely be using them again. 

    Bob Stout
    Stout Construction

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