BS4142 Noise Assessments

BS4142 is used to support planning applications for the introduction of industrial type noise sources into residential areas. It is used to ensure that the existing background noise levels in a residential area are not exceeded due to the introduction of industrial/commercial equipment. This noise assessment can be required in order to install air conditioning units, ventilation equipment, water pumps and any other type of mechanical plant which may give rise to noise complaints.

This noise assessment compares the noise source in question with the existing background noise levels at the nearest sensitive residential building. The background noise is normally measured at the residential building for a period of 24 hours such to assess the day and night time background noise levels.

Following analysis and the application of distance corrections and other factors to the data in accordance with BS4142, the difference between the source and existing noise level is determined. A difference of +10dB is a positive indication that complaints are likely. A difference of +5dB is said to be of marginal significance. A difference of -10dB is a positive indication that complaints are unlikely.

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